How Oracle Not Buying BTC Is Still Bullish For Bitcoin

The most recent run-up in Bitcoin price was a front running of any potential corporate BTC buy revealed by cloud services company Oracle during its quarterly earnings call yesterday.
When the call ended, crypto bulls expecting such a reveal were left with a dial tone, and bears stepped in pushing prices lower. However, one bestselling author and Bitcoin supporter says that the fact Oracle passed on BTC for now is still ultimately bullish for the cryptocurrency. Here’s why.
Earnings Call Bombshell: Oracle Skips Out On Buying BTC For Now Yesterday, technology firm Oracle held its quarterly earnings call. During such calls, CEOs and other executives often reveal forward-looking plans to sustain growth.
It was speculated that the company could follow the lead of brands like MicroStrategy and Square Inc and would be revealing a substantial purchase of BTC to add to its corporate reserves.
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Instead, the call ended and the cryptocurrency community was left disappointed. Bitcoin sold off almost instantly, but has since recovered to retest yesterday’s highs.
Oracle shares also fell not because of the lack of a BTC purchase, but due to an overall lack of guidance.
At one point, Larry Ellison, Oracle’s co-founder, chairman and technology chief, is quoted as saying he was “not really ready to disclose our plans” related to other areas of the company’s growth.
Why This Is Still Bullish For Bitcoin, According To Price Of Tomorrow Author One way to spark growth in Oracle, would be to directly purchase BTC as other corporations have done so in the last year.
The growth wouldn’t be tied directly to operating revenue, it would still greatly benefit the company’s cash position and in turn, shareholders.
MicroStrategy shares are up more than 1000% since a year ago, while Oracle has rebounded only 80% from the Black Thursday lows. Not that Bitcoin is the end-all, be-all savior for all companies, it has recent..

Introducing Trace Network: NFT based Enterprise DeFi Protocol

Unique Merchandise Identification Solution to unlock billions of dollars worth of business potential
Trace Network has announced the launch of its enterprise-grade decentralized finance protocol harnessing the capabilities of composable smart contracts, permission-less financing options powered by DeFi and NFT based unique merchandise identification solutions to unlock billions of dollars worth of business potential, otherwise undermined due to poor merchandise inventory & ownership management, costlier trade financing & banking options, and perennial inefficiencies in per diem business transactions.
Announcing this, Sunil, Co-Founder Trace Network who has worked with a couple of Fortune 500 retail brands in the capacity of emerging tech adviser, said, “Despite the quantum growth, the industrial ecosystem is still struggling to cope up with fundamental challenges of lower efficiency, broken processes & related management issues that lead to various leakages in businesses which are inhibiting their growth and resulting in expensive inefficiencies.
Further to this, existing banking & financing systems are costly and time-consuming to attain efficient & cost-effective cash flow and working capital financing needs of companies across the globe. These needs are to the tune of a couple 100 billion dollars only, in the fashion, lifestyle & luxury goods industry only, which, we believe, can be lubricated by the decentralized supply of capital by harnessing the composability capabilities of evolving permission less DeFi ecosystem.
We believe Trace Network can bring tremendous fluidity and efficiency to existing business practices & processes through its decentralized protocol for enterprise DeFi, based on on-chain transactional data interchange and NFT based inventory visibility & ownership.
We are of the firm view that DLTs, NFTs & DeFi altogether can become a catalyst to achieve goals beyond Industry 4.0 by infusing greater transparency, efficiency & automation.”

Smart Blockchain Investments With UGPay Group AG — Review on the Project and Its Opportunities

The best moment to invest in a startup could be caught at the very beginning of its launch. Unfortunately, however, not all projects have what it takes to become a stable source of profit. To succeed a startup should differentiate itself with a unique idea, the effectiveness of technical solutions and their relevance in the market. All these factors are present in the project of a Swiss company UGPay Group AG. Let’s explore what differentiates the project and why it deserves attention.
What idea is behind UGPay Group AG The team of UGPay Group AG is registered in Zug, Switzerland, an area known for its positive stance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups. The company shares the idea of the New Economic Evolution Of The World (NEEW) that assumes that investments should be an easy and clear instrument for everyone to be able to improve the financial situation.
To achieve this goal, the project developers presented an investment scheme that combined the best of two worlds – the worlds of digital and traditional financial instruments. The approach is based on the following principles:
Risk diversification. The UGPay Group AG team offers users to become co-owner of a global investment portfolio that includes assets of more than 20 business sectors, including IT-projects, manufacturing and financial industries. Investment process simplification. The UGPay Group AG users do not need to seek projects for investing on their own. To simplify the process, the developers tokenized the investment portfolio. By buying tokens of the project, a user becomes a co-owner of the portfolio and starts to make profits. The transparency of all UGPay Group AG operations is guaranteed by its blockchain. One of the key advantages of blockchain technology is that it is impossible to change transactions in the ledger. An information integrity guarantee provides transparency in the communication between the company and its investors. Investment expansion. The stock market is full of li..

5 of the Best TSX Stocks to Buy in March 2021

Several TSX-listed stocks have lost a fair amount of value in the recent past despite positive secular industry tailwinds and strong fundamentals. I see this decline as an opportunity to accumulate some of these high-growth Canadian stocks for the long term.
Here’s a list of five such high-growth stocks that you could consider buying right now.
Shopify Shopify (TSX:SHOP)(NYSE:SHOP) has declined by about 24% in one month as the company expects the pace of shift towards e-commerce platform to normalize with the reopening of retail stores, vaccination, and easing lockdown measures. While Shopify’s growth rate could decelerate a bit compared to 2020, I believe a continued shift toward the e-commerce platform and increased e-commerce spending could push its stock higher.
Shopify’s expansion of its fulfillment network, increased adoption of its payments platform, and diverse sales and marketing channels augur well for growth. Meanwhile, international growth and a large addressable marke..

SaTT Administers Airdrop to Bring More Value to Its Holders

Our favourite blockchain advertising project SaTT offers free tokens via its Airdrop this Friday
Popular and novel blockchain-based advertising platform SaTT has announced its intention to bring more value to its token holders by airdropping SaTT tokens to its existing holders. This event is designed to bring SaTT holders closer to the BSC network by airdropping the BEP20 version of the token to them.
As a result, this event will enable all the SaTT holders to receive 5% of their total SaTT holding for free. The snapshot is scheduled to take place tomorrow, March 12, 2021, at 2 pm GMT+01:00. To qualify for the airdrop, the SATT token must be held in a non-custodial wallet at the time of the snapshot (For example Metamask or Trustwallet but not exchanges).
If you don’t have SaTT token yet, you can still buy some from Probit or PancakeSwap and transfer it in a non-custodial wallet before the snapshot date, and you will receive your free tokens!
Reacting to the significance of the airdrop to SaTT holders, CEO, and founder of SaTT Gauthier Bros stated that the airdrop brings two-way benefits to the entire SaTT community:
“While this serves as a way to reward the community for standing by us since we debuted, this may also introduce an avenue where the community can take possession of SATT BEP20 token at the early adoption stage and also be able to participate in an affordable advertising transaction powered by the BSC network”
Considering the surging cost of the Ethereum gas fees, this airdrop will unarguably provide an alternative for SaTT holders to interact with the SaTT advertising platform at a faster and more affordable rate.
How To Be Eligible: What Holders Need To Know. While the airdrop cuts across the majority of SaTT holders, there are a few things to take into consideration in order to qualify. Relying on information retrieved from the SaTT official blog, the airdrop will be administered to all BEP20 and ERC20 SATT holders, while WSaTT holders (the wr..

Air Canada (TSX:AC) Stock: Will it Take Flight in 2021?

Air Canada (TSX:AC) continues to go up and down in the equity market, as the hopes of unrestricted air travel in 2021 keep lingering. Air Canada has lost a lot during the pandemic, consistently burning through its cash to keep its operations afloat.
Many might consider AC an airline that is on the verge of buckling under the economic fallout from the pandemic. Others feel that the prospect of air travel completely normalizing soon could make Air Canada a massive recovery for their investment portfolios.
Here is what I think 2021 could be like for Air Canada.
The airline nightmare in 2020 The Canadian flag carrier airline earned less than a third of its 2019 income in 2020. Global travel restrictions forced the company to cancel flights, suspend routes, and ground most of its fleet for an undefined period. As domestic and international flights began to take off, the second wave struck and left airlines at a standstill yet again.
Air Canada cut another 1,700 jobs and suspended more r..

Got $2,000? 2 Top TSX Stocks to Buy Today

The S&P/TSX Composite Index is off to a good start this year. The index is up now more than 5% since the beginning of 2021. So, why has everyone been talking about a market sell-off as of late?
The entire market as a whole may be doing well, but we have seen a steep sell-off in many popular TSX stocks. Tech, in particular, has been hit hard over the past several weeks.
The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index has dropped more than 10% since the first week of February. As a result, investors are seeing a long list of top companies trading at very favourable discounts right now.
Investing during a market sell-off like this isn’t always easy. There’s a good chance that you could invest $2,000 in a top TSX stock today, only to watch it fall 5% within the week.
If you’re a short-term trader, you might not want to put $2,000 into TSX stocks right now. Losing 5% in a week doesn’t sound very appealing if you’ve got a short-term time horizon. But if you’re a long-term Foolish investor with ti..

Air Canada (TSX:AC) Stock Could Rally When the Economy Re-Opens

Air Canada (TSX:AC) stock has been on an impressive rally lately. Despite its most recent quarter being a huge miss, its stock rallied 28% in February. This was, of course, in anticipation of future results, not in reaction to past ones. Air Canada lost $4.5 billion in 2020, and its fourth-quarter loss was worse than that in the third quarter. But now, with the vaccine rollout underway, we could be on the verge of a permanent economic re-opening. Nothing is ever 100% certain, but optimism that we’re turning the corner on the pandemic is growing. If we do turn the corner, then Air Canada stock could rally hard.
An economic re-opening would benefit Air Canada No industry benefits more from the economic re-opening than airlines. Retailers and energy stocks got hit hard in the early days of the pandemic but mostly found ways to bounce back. People started driving again, and retailers began shifting to online sales. This set the stage for a pronounced recovery in energy and retail stocks t..

3 Stocks I’d Buy Before Bitcoin

It seems like Bitcoin is all anyone wants to talk about these days. Although the cryptocurrency has been around for several years, lately there has been major traction for several reasons. The most popular, of course, is that billionaire Elon Musk recently stated Tesla would be accepting the currency in the coming years and invested in Bitcoin himself.
Now, I am certainly not going to claim that I know as much as Elon Musk or his investment team. However, I can claim that as an everyday investor looking for long-term holds instead of get-rich schemes, I’m going to stay away from Bitcoin.
As Warren Buffett has stated, the cryptocurrency doesn’t hold any real value. It’s merely what others state it’s worth. There isn’t a country behind it; there isn’t a product being made; it just … is. That makes it a risky investment for those seeking stable returns.
Instead, I would consider these three stocks. Each is in an industry set for strong growth for years or even decades to come. And each..

Canada Revenue Agency: 1 Huge Change for Taxpayers in 2021

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been very active throughout the year to ensure that the government’s directives to help Canadians are successful in achieving their goals. From introducing emergency benefits to stimulate the economy to rolling out tax credits, the CRA has made several updates to help Canadians cope with the unprecedented situation.
The outbreak of COVID-19 was a global game changer, inspiring changes in how Canadians will file taxes in 2020. The CRA enacted several changes to provide relief to Canadians last year. Today, I will discuss one big change that can help Canadians with their next tax returns that are just around the corner.
Basic Personal Amount It is no secret that Canadians are being squeezed by higher personal debt levels. The debt-to-income ratio in Canada is among the highest in the developed world, and it continues to worsen.
Policymakers have long worried about the impacts of a recession with such high personal debt levels since before the pandem..